Veterans Health Care Administration (VHA)

The VHA was established to provide medical care to veterans who are determined by the Federal Government to be eligible for enrollment. This is not insurance and does not, under most circumstances, provide payment to private physicians or hospitals.

Veterans must first enroll in the facility of their choice. In Ashland County most veterans enroll at the Mansfield Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC).

Since 2003 veterans who submit enrollment paperwork are placed in one of eight priority groups based on either the nature of their service or income and assets. The staff at the Ashland County Veterans Service Office will assist with enrollment and with annual means tests (income) certain veterans are required to complete in order to continue to use the VA Health Care System.

The means test is based on prior year’s income and is done annually. However, you can apply for an exemption from paying those co-payments to avoid a hardship if projections of your income for the current year will be substantially below the applicable income threshold.

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