Many benefits are available to improve the lives of Veterans, Service members, and their families using the Veterans Administration eBenefits resources. Use them to learn more about your eligibility for various benefits. Our office will assist you in setting up your eBenefits account to take advantage of some of features of this program. With eBenefits you can print income verification letters, benefit letters, obtain certificates of eligibility, and track any current claims within the VA system.

This system utilizes a user name and password encryption system that needs updated once a year.

To register and/or log in, go to the Veterans Administration eBenefits Home Page.

Veterans ID card

The VA now provides all veterans with a printed ID card through the portal. Follow the instructions found on the Website to apply for your card.

Military Records and Medals Request

In need of your or a loved one’s military records? Go to the Military Service Records page to request service treatment records, personnel files, DD-214, and medals.